Our Work

The Two Rabbits project applies innovative use of MP3 technology to open education access for indigenous people in Cameroon while preserving and strengthening their ancestral culture.
The Baka are hunter-gatherers indigenous to Cameroon’s Southeastern forests.  They are masters of their forest home in every way, and knowing the medicinal, spiritual, and nutritional qualities of every animal and plant that grows.
The Baka are threatened by deforestation, exploitation, and oppression. Their vulnerability is reinforced by their lack of language and literacy skills necessary to understand their rights and speak out in their defense.
The Two Rabbits project seeks to foster community empowerment and organizing through locally-relevant education strategies that enable Baka children to “chase two rabbits at once:”  to simultaneously deepen their ties to the forest while gaining knowledge that enables them to engage with the rapidly encroaching outside world.
Facilitated lessons in the Baka language will be recorded in mp3 form and stored on durable portable devices powered entirely by renewable energy.  These devices will enable a continuity of instruction for Baka youth, allowing them to take school with them as they travel deep in the forest during key hunting and gathering seasons.  Lessons will be supported by songs and stories in the Baka style, reinforcing lessons while validating Baka culture.
Baka communities will thereby preserve their ties to the forest way of life while learning academic skills vital to defending their rights and dignity.

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