baka people cameroon educationThe mission of Chasing Two Rabbits at Once is to empower the Baka to live in dignity, respect, peace, and autonomy through culturally adapted education approaches that preserve and promote the Baka language and culture.

Two Rabbits uses simple yet innovative technology to enable Baka youth to simultaneously pursue both traditional and modern educations.  By accommodating their semi-nomadic culture with a mobile education support, Baka children can continue to carry out their activities in the forest while following along with their school lessons.

With lessons, songs, and educational stories recorded onto innovative MP3 technology, and an endless supply of renewable energy to power them, the Baka will have limitless access to a schooling supplement in their own mother tongue that they can take with them everywhere they go.

Take the time to read our comprehensive baseline report which provides in-depth analysis into the project, and enjoy one of our education songs produced by partner Baka Gbine.

Project Goals

  1. Achieve statistically significant reduction in school drop-out rates and improvement in school performance among Baka students in primary level one;

  2. Boost literacy rates among Baka primary level one students;

  3. Improve self-image and perception of Baka culture among youth in year one of primary school;

  4. Increase awareness and use of Baka orthography, with a view to preserving and validating the Baka language and the knowledge transmitted therewith;

  5. Build teaching and leadership capacity among ten Baka adults, through trainings in teaching practice and lesson facilitation;

  6. Create a platform for recording and sharing Baka music and oral history.

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