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Two Rabbits is making a difference in the lives of young children around the world. Read more to find out about how you can become part of our story.

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This year, Two Rabbits has served 150 children across two villages in Cameroon with enriching preschool education. Our four lesson facilitators, trained by the project, have delivered hundreds of hours of lessons, sang countless songs, and prepared our students for success in school and in life.


We are so proud of this progress, but for us it is just the beginning. In order to prove that our model works, and garner the support of larger donors and partner organizations, we will be rigorously evaluating the impact of the Two Rabbits program in Cameroon in March. This data will let us know the exact impact of our program on children’s lives, which enables us to hone and perfect our model, and make our case to donors.

And with a successful model under our belts, why limit ourselves to Cameroon? Given that our model is low-cost and designed for children in places with extremely low resources, we 15065099_1861218260775681_1677293082_obelieve it may be an excellent fit for the needs of children affected by war and conflict. With this in mind, we are excited to be exploring opportunities to start up in Myanmar! This will begin with a miniature version of the program in January, to see if the program is feasible and viable. Based on those results, and what we learn in Cameroon in the spring, we could be ready to expand to new villages and new children!

This work is all made possible through donations from people like you, who hear our story and want to be a part of our journey. You can make a donation and learn more about our work at