Introducing Feature Sponsor: O’Connor Hearing



Chasing Two Rabbits at Once is thrilled to introduce O’Connor Hearing, our featured sponsor for the Run the World Fun Run for Global Education! The race will be held on October 9, 2016, at Gallup Park, thanks in part to O’Connor Hearing’s generosity.

Logo 3Many local businesses that we approached about the race were curious as to why an organization that serves children on the other side of the world in Africa would do awareness-raising and fundraising in Ann Arbor. The truth is that our global communities are getting smaller and smaller. As an Ann Arborite with deep connections to the hunter-gatherer villages that Two Rabbits serves, the forests of Cameroon are as much a part of my community and home as Kerrytown, the diag, and the Hands On Museum. And I know that bringing communities together makes all of us better global citizens, and improve quality of life across both at once.

 We are thrilled to partner with O’Connor Hearing in putting on Run the World, as a sponsor who truly understands how to bridge people and communities. In the words of Tom O’Connor himself, their founding principle is “to improve individual’s lives through better hearing,” and “education is a core precept in this mission.” Both Tom and his co-founder Claudia B. Williams have an educational backgrounds in teaching, and firmly believe that the most efficient and enduring way to improve lives globally and locally is to support efforts that promote learning.

Although their service is focused locally, Tom and Claudia believe deeply in the transformative power of global education. “As a local business, we support local efforts and programs,” Claudia explains, “but also understand the critical importance of fostering education in all parts of the world.” Partnerships with change makers, both global and local, make it possible for businesses like O’Connor to reach people in need around the world. “Small steps such as supporting the Run the World Fun Run allow us to be part of a much larger effort,” says Claudia.

baka people cameroon educationFrom the perspective of Chasing Two Rabbits, I cannot emphasize how important local support is for our efforts. Just as Claudia emphasizes the opportunity for O’Connor hearing to be part of larger efforts, support from O’Connor Hearing also enables us at Two Rabbits to maximize our efforts and reach as many children as possible. We are proud of our partnership, and looking forward to Run the World with the O’Connor team!

For more information about the Run the World race and how to take part, visit

For more information about O’Connor Hearing, visit






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